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It’s Official – ARTzona is Trademarked!


Yes indeed – you read it here first!  ARTzona is now a Trademarked Name!!  The application process to be a registered trademark has begun! But for now, we get the cute little TM next to our LOGO.  However soon, when the application process is complete, we’ll have this next to our name! article-new-thumbnail_ehow_images_a04_m8_8i_enter-registered-trademarks-text-800x800

In the meantime, this is what it looks like!   ARTzona LOGO

That’s right my friends – We are moving on up in the world!


Post-ARTzona Activities


Part of the reason that the Hyatt Place in Mesa was chosen, was because of the area and all of the restaurants and entertainment there.  As previously mentioned, the Hyatt has a shuttle that can take you anywhere within a 5 mile radius.  The shuttle is on a first come first serve basis. You can sign up a day or 2 ahead to reserve a ride, and its been recommended to sign up early.  Keep in mind are the shuttle can only carry 7 people at a time and stops running at 10 pm at night.  If you plan to be out past 10 pm, area taxi phone numbers will be available.  And remember that some attendees will have their own vehicles that you can bum a ride with as well.

Jennie was kind enough to research and put together a list of possibilities that are all within a 5 mild radius of the Hyatt.  Here are just some of the options for your convenience:

Casino Arizona– exactly 5 miles
The casino has slots, table games, bingo and keno, as well as 5 restaurants. It also has different promotions and entertainment, but they haven’t posted their January events yet.

Bookmans– hours- 9am- 10pm everyday – 4.6 miles

Bookmans is so much more than a used book store. It buys and sells books, DVDs, CDs, records, games, craft materials, and bric-a-brac. They also have different events however January isn’t yet posted.

An open air mall being within a mile or 2 of Arizona State University, Tempe Market Place has great restaurants, Movie Theaters and shopping.

Michael’s – within walking distance from the Hyatt.
Need to replenish your art supplies? Michael’s is here to solve your dilemma. Open 9 am to 9 pm Monday- Saturday and 10 am to 7pm on Sunday.

Massage Envy

Need a relaxing massage or facial before you head home?  Massage Envy is located in Tempe market place. Open 8am to 10pm everyday- Appointments are recommended- 480-446-3689

Harkins Tempe Marketplace 16 Theater  –

Theater has the latest cinema offerings. 15 standard size theaters and one theater called Cine Capri boasts the pinnacle of motion picture presentation with a huge 30’x70’ screen, and the very best in projection and sound technology. I never want to see another movie anywhere else.

Hungry?  With almost 30 restaurants, 12 of which have various Happy Hours, there should be something to delight you.  Look for coupon books available in January.

It’s within walking distance of the hotel, if you don’t mind walking a mile, or use the hotel shuttle. Need some art materials; Joann Fabrics, Arts and Crafts- Open 9 am to 9 pm Monday- Saturday and 10 am to 7pm on Sunday.

Cinemark Mesa 16 – the latest cinema offerings.

Pre-ARTzona Activities


With so many of you arriving early, whether to get settled in or just to join in the pre-ARTzona fun, we’re excited to spend the extra time with you.   Just a reminder that some of us will be heading up to Usery Park around 4:30 pm for a short little hike/walk and watch the sunset over the valley.   Then we plan to grab some dinner and head to Scottsdale for the Thursday Art Walk that runs from 7 – 9 pm.  If you would like to join us, please contact me (Trina) so I can make sure we have enough vehicles available to shuttle folks around.

And if for some reason you don’t get into town in time for the walk/hike, but would like to meet up for dinner and the art walk, then do let me know and we’ll make arrangements to meet back at the Hyatt Lobby around 5:30 – 6:00 pm to regroup and head out from there.

And let’s not forget all of the other fun and tasty places in the surrounding area if none of the above interest you.  If you want to take full advantage of the possibilities for your time here, then please visit the area information page for more possibilities.

Signature Cards


  IMG      IMG_0001

For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of attending a previous ARTzona event, you may be wondering what’s a signature card.  Signature cards are 2.5 in. by 3.5 in., same as a standard size ATC.  On the front design a self-portrait or a sample of your art style, and on the back include information about yourself and your art.  Just like one might collect baseball cards of their favorite ball players, you’ll have a collection of your favorite artists. They’re a fun way to get to know some of the artist that you trade with on AFA.

It’s a good idea to have enough for all the attendee’s.   However, signature cards are optional, so not everyone will have one to share.  This year there will be 40 artists at the January ARTzona event.  There’s no need to draw 40 cards.  Make one then make copies.  The original can be in any medium you are comfortable working in that illustrates your unique art style.  You can choose a new piece of art or one you did years ago.  Some artists use their avatars.  It can be a larger piece of artwork that is scanned and shrunk to ATC size.  

What to put on the back ~ here is a small list of possibilities:
Real name, site name
Location – Where you’re from
What medium(s) you work in, do you have a specific style
Likes, dislikes, addictions, favorite things
Strengths, weaknesses
Family- are you married, have a job outside of the house, do you have children, are you a stay at home mom, are you retired, do you have pets, … Web address and/or Blog address
Email address and/or sales address
Social media contact information (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Schools you’ve attended

Anything you want to tell, but perhaps some things are better left unsaid.

IMG_0002      IMG_0003

There are lots of options for printing.  They can be printed on cardstock on your home printer, or sent out to be printed professionally.  Last year some artists used for as little as $23.95 for 100. Or you may have a favorite local printing company in your area. 

Share our Blog Button


ARTzona Button For Your Blog!

 ARTzona blog button
I was asked if ARTzona had a blog button that could be added to other blogs to spread the word, and of course that prompted me to make a button, because ARTzona is moving on up to the big leagues now!
So as requested ~  here is the image you can use to link ARTzona to your personal blog or the like!  Please remember to include a link back to this page so the whole wide world will know how to find us!

Nametag Contest


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nametag Contest For Most Creative

 ARTzona 2014 is going to be an enjoyable time for all. For those of you who this will be your first ARTzona, may I extend a warm welcome to you and I’m looking forward to meeting each of you.  I’m also excited to see friends from the last 2 years.  ARTzona is such a wonderful way to meet artists from around the US and hopefully this year we’ll have our first international attendee(s).
Most of us don’t look like our Avatars, thank goodness because my current Avatar is a troll. So to better determine who we’re meeting, a handmade name tag is fun.  Last year there were a few artists where I didn’t have to read the name, since their name tag showed their artist style so well.  If we’re making name tags, we might as well have a contest to award first, second, and third prizes.  As we get closer to January I’ll show you what you can win.  I think all 3 prizes will be very nice. Of course for every contest there must be some rules, so here they are.
Name tag rules:
  1. All name tags must be handmade by you.  Absolutely any media may be used, as well as any material.
  2. It must have your first name on it and if you are a member of AFA, it must have your site name as well.
Name tag suggestions that I’ve learned in the past 2 years:

Think size- Having a large or long name tag tends to get in the way, and you’re less likely to wear it because it’s in the way. Glitter, those that know me or my swaps know my total aversion to this product. But, others love it so please use glitter responsibly.  Remember, friends don’t let friends create with glitter.  Please never glitter and drive. There have been too many accidents when artists got glitter in their eyes.

 This is an optional contest, but if you don’t have a name somewhere on you, we will have sticky label name tags available for you to wear.   At least until we figure everyone out.
I know how talented you all are and I hope to see some fabulous name tags.  No matter what your media or design, your name tag will represent you, help others to remember your name, and could be the Most Creative Nametag of them all.