Nametag Contest


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nametag Contest For Most Creative

 ARTzona 2014 is going to be an enjoyable time for all. For those of you who this will be your first ARTzona, may I extend a warm welcome to you and I’m looking forward to meeting each of you.  I’m also excited to see friends from the last 2 years.  ARTzona is such a wonderful way to meet artists from around the US and hopefully this year we’ll have our first international attendee(s).
Most of us don’t look like our Avatars, thank goodness because my current Avatar is a troll. So to better determine who we’re meeting, a handmade name tag is fun.  Last year there were a few artists where I didn’t have to read the name, since their name tag showed their artist style so well.  If we’re making name tags, we might as well have a contest to award first, second, and third prizes.  As we get closer to January I’ll show you what you can win.  I think all 3 prizes will be very nice. Of course for every contest there must be some rules, so here they are.
Name tag rules:
  1. All name tags must be handmade by you.  Absolutely any media may be used, as well as any material.
  2. It must have your first name on it and if you are a member of AFA, it must have your site name as well.
Name tag suggestions that I’ve learned in the past 2 years:

Think size- Having a large or long name tag tends to get in the way, and you’re less likely to wear it because it’s in the way. Glitter, those that know me or my swaps know my total aversion to this product. But, others love it so please use glitter responsibly.  Remember, friends don’t let friends create with glitter.  Please never glitter and drive. There have been too many accidents when artists got glitter in their eyes.

 This is an optional contest, but if you don’t have a name somewhere on you, we will have sticky label name tags available for you to wear.   At least until we figure everyone out.
I know how talented you all are and I hope to see some fabulous name tags.  No matter what your media or design, your name tag will represent you, help others to remember your name, and could be the Most Creative Nametag of them all.

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