Signature Cards


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For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of attending a previous ARTzona event, you may be wondering what’s a signature card.  Signature cards are 2.5 in. by 3.5 in., same as a standard size ATC.  On the front design a self-portrait or a sample of your art style, and on the back include information about yourself and your art.  Just like one might collect baseball cards of their favorite ball players, you’ll have a collection of your favorite artists. They’re a fun way to get to know some of the artist that you trade with on AFA.

It’s a good idea to have enough for all the attendee’s.   However, signature cards are optional, so not everyone will have one to share.  This year there will be 40 artists at the January ARTzona event.  There’s no need to draw 40 cards.  Make one then make copies.  The original can be in any medium you are comfortable working in that illustrates your unique art style.  You can choose a new piece of art or one you did years ago.  Some artists use their avatars.  It can be a larger piece of artwork that is scanned and shrunk to ATC size.  

What to put on the back ~ here is a small list of possibilities:
Real name, site name
Location – Where you’re from
What medium(s) you work in, do you have a specific style
Likes, dislikes, addictions, favorite things
Strengths, weaknesses
Family- are you married, have a job outside of the house, do you have children, are you a stay at home mom, are you retired, do you have pets, … Web address and/or Blog address
Email address and/or sales address
Social media contact information (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Schools you’ve attended

Anything you want to tell, but perhaps some things are better left unsaid.

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There are lots of options for printing.  They can be printed on cardstock on your home printer, or sent out to be printed professionally.  Last year some artists used for as little as $23.95 for 100. Or you may have a favorite local printing company in your area. 


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