ARTzona 10 Day Forecast is for AWESOME!!!


Hello fellow enthusiastic artists!   No doubt you’re all getting as excited as I am for next weeks event!  If you are anything like me you’re scrambling to decide what to bring and can barely sleep because your thinking of all the fun you will be having by this time next week. 

For those of you traveling from far and wide, I thought you would like to know that the forecast is for sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70’s for the next week or more!  In other words, it will be absolutely LOVELY for your stay in Mesa, Arizona this time around!  So be sure to bring your sunscreen, bathing suit, and flip flops!  Still a good idea to bring a sweater, as the evenings and early mornings will still be chilly and only in the 40’s. 

Also want to remind you that the Hyatt has revamped their entire swimming pool area!  They now have a 12 person Jacuzzi, surround sound with a big screen TV and plenty of lounge seating for sun bathing.   So when you need  little break, be sure to hit the pool area and soak up some vitamin D while you’re here. 

Here is  link to the 10 day forecast to better help you plan your packing needs.

See you all this time next week! 


Cheers ~ Trina


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  1. So excited I’ve packed and repacked my art supplies 4 times and I live here can’t imagine how the rest of you do it. The weather is wonderful and so will ARTzona 3

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