Quick Reminder


The SHOW Girls and I will be in the art room setting up Thursday afternoon.  We would greatly appreciate it if no one other than the SHOW Girls goes into the room for any reason o Thursday.   That includes dropping off at supplies and picking out your seat.  We will be busy arranging the room for fabulousness and want you to be surprised when you walk in at 9 am on Friday morning.

The art room will NOT be open to attendees until 9 am Friday morning.  At which time you may you may bring in your supplies and choose your space for the weekend!  So sleep in, enjoy your complimentary breakfast, visit to your hearts content, and be ready to bust down the doors at 9 am on Friday morning!

Keep in mind, you are welcome to go in and out of the art room to your hearts content for the remainder of the weekend!   The doors will be locked during the wee hours of night, but if you are an early riser, then feel free to let the front desk know that you are with ARTzona and would like to get into the room to start creating.  I will be in the guest room next door to the art room, so for any reason if you have troubles getting in the art room, just come let me know.


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  1. Can I set-up a tent at the door of the ArtRoom on Thursday night????? (like the people do at BestBuy)….or I’ll be there at 8:00????….ha ha ha ha

    • ARTzona = better than Black Friday! LOL I hadn’t thought about a rush at the door for Friday morning! 🙂 I should be there between 8:30 & 9:00, so as soon as I get there, I’ll let you in darling!

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