What are Trades and do I have to participate?
Many of the artists that come to this event, do so in hopes to make and trade ATC’s, chunky pages, MOO’s, inchies, arches, art journal pages, art dolls and more.  However, you’re not required to have pre-made art to trade.   Many make art on site and often end up trading.

What is the best airport to fly into?
The best airport to fly into is Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. It is only  about 5 minutes to and from the Marriot.

What’s the best way to get to & from the airport to the hotel? 
The Marriot has a free shuttle that runs to and from Sky Harbor airport.  Go to the Marriot Phoenix Airport website for more details and a contact number for arrangements.

How do I pay for the catered lunch?
The cost of the catered lunch is included in the registration fee.  There are no discounts on registration even if you decide NOT to join us for the catered lunch.

What if I have food allergies and/or am vegan?
Please contact the event coordinator, Trina Jackson, prior to February 10th to request vegetarian options.  If you have specific food allergies, please notify Trina at the time you register.

What should I bring for the art room?
– Your favorite art supplies.   Due to limited space, PLEASE limit your supplies to ONE tote. There will be space along the back wall of the art room to store your art supplies.  This will help keep the isles clear for safety.   (If you are flying, pack  your scissors in your checked baggage and leave your aerosols at home.)

– Art  to trade (ATCs, Chunkies, Inchies, MOOs, Arches, Postcards, Art Dolls,  Journal Pages, Backgrounds etc.)

– (Optional) A creative handmade nametag that clearly states your name and AFA username if applicable.  There will be a nametag contest for those who want to participate.  Prizes will be given for 1st – 3rd place.

– (Optional) Create An  Artist Signature Card and make prints to trade and share! Design a Self-Portrait or a  creative interpretation of yourself on the front, and on the back include fun  details about yourself. You can use any categories you like. See the example below, but feel free to be a creative with the backs as you  like.

Name: Trina Jackson
Location: Mesa, Arizona
Favorite Medium: anything &  everything
Personality: Mama Bear – meets Mary Poppins – meets Mr. Bean
Strengths: My Faith, My Family & My Friendships
Weaknesses: hot tea, wine, &  dirty jokes
Addictions: kisses from my kids, spooning my hubby, & art  supplies
Web Site: artzonausa.com
Blog: artzonausa.wordpress.com & midnightsunarts.blogspot.com

What’s the best way for me to stay in the loop?
Like our ARTzona Facebook page, frequent the thread on Atcsforall.com, and regularly check in with the website for any changes and regular updates.


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